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The Shopping Queen

The Umemployed Shopaholic

20 January 1974
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I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends. I love to go shopping for great deals and going out to eat. I have one child; an adorable chihuahua named Coco.
70's music, 80's movies, 80's music, adam sandler, air conditioning, animals, anti-brown nosers, anti-goody goody, anti-weirdo freak, bath & body works, being lazy, ben stiller, bennigan's, birds, blogging, bones, books, cajun food, cameras, candles, cd's, cell phones, charmed, cherry vanilla diet coke, chevy malibu, chihuahuas, chocolate, classic country, classic rock, clothes, cockatiels, coco, comedy, computers, concerts, coupon clipping, court tv, cracker barrel, crossing jordan, csi, curb your enthusiasm, dallas stars, dave grohl, diet drinks, digital camera, digital pictures, disco music, dogs, down comforters, dvd's, dvr's, eating out, ebay, family, foley's, foo fighters, forensic shows, fort worth, fossil stores, fossil watches, friends, fun, gambling vacations, george strait, ghirardelli chocolate, ghost whisperer, grease, gum, hallmark ornaments, haribo gummy bears, holidays, hot tamales, house, ice cream, internet, italian food, joan of arcadia, journaling, laughing, leather goods, listening to music, llamas, make-up, malls, meatloaf, mexican food, movies, mp3's, music, music tones, napoleon dynamite, nastalgia, nicolas cage, night owl, outer space, outlet stores, parks mall, perfume, pets, pictures, pop rocks, puppies, purses, radio, reading, road trips, rock music, saints, sales, satellite, seinfeld, shopping, sleeping late, smallville, sonic drinks, souvenirs, starbucks, statues, staying up late, stereos, sunflower seeds, sunshine, suspense thrillers, swimming, sydney the cockatiel, t-shirts, taking naps, television, tex-mex food, texas, texas rangers, texas rangers baseball games, the 4400, the beatles, the dead zone, tommy girl, tommy hilfiger, traveling, tru calling, tv, vacations, valley girl, vanilla bean cream frappucino, vanilla cream diet coke, veronica mars, walking, waylon jennings, weekends.