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Back In California!

I have been in California since Feb. 8. Things are going mostly well so far with the exception of the little hurricane. He hasn't started hitting, pinching, or scratching yet but he has been kicking and just acting like a total brat. I'm really scared because I have to either try to get him ready for school and take him to school Thursday morning or babysit him until Ravi arrives back from Japan. Either way I'm scared because the little hurricane doesn't mind me and I just can't handle him. EEK! I'm also supposed to babysit him one night when Dana and Ravi go to a casino party for Ravi's work. EEK!

I'm not as concerned about Coco as I was the last time I was here as she is sleeping with my mom every night. I think my mom has the week after next or possibly next week off for vacation too. I do greatly miss my little sweety though!

I haven't done any sight seeing yet but Dana and Ravi are supposed to take me to San Francisco before I leave. Dana, Anil, and I have gone out to eat several times. I have access to Ravi's car until he arrives back from Japan but I have yet to use it as I'm scared I'll get lost. They've moved since I was here last year so I have new territory to conquer. I think I'm going to try to be brave and go somewhere for lunch tomorrow. I have to go somewhere tomorrow if I'm going to because Ravi will be back Thursday.

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